Dear Ladies and Gentelmen,

Our enterprise is founded in 2012 as part of the Program of industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan actively carried out by the President and the Government of RoK.

The territory of the Plant makes more than 2 500 square meters of capacities and settles down in an industrial zone of Temirtau, the Karaganda region. The arrangement of the enterprise is caused by the developed industrial infrastructure of the region allowing to make finished goods with minimum costs of accessories and foundry preparations.

The main work streams of the company are production of pipeline fittings for power and oil and gas sectors, equipment for oil and gas production and for further transportation of oil and gas.

At the time of establishing “Zavod KazArmatura” LLP the technological development checked by time as well as the newest innovative equipment of import production (Japan, Germany) have been used.

The enterprise is formed from a zero stage that allowed to provide initially all quality – relevant slightest nuances of finished goods, delivery time, prime cost, etc.

At the enterprise the highly qualified personnel having a wide experience of production and operation of oil and gas equipment as well as all-trade and power pipeline fittings are involved.

The company now is involved in introduction of the management integrated system complying with the requirements of СТ РК ИСО 9001:2004, СТ РК OHSAS 18001:2007, СТ РК ИСО 14000:2004.

The manufacturing output has the guaranteed quality confirmed with certificates of conformity applicable within the Customs Union.

The enterprise as well has a permission to use full-scale production given by the Committee at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The Kazakhstani content in our products makes not less than 67% that is confirmed by ST-KZ certificates issued for all the range of the produced equipment.

We hope for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

Yours faithfully,
Director, “Zavod KazArmatura” LLP
S.B. Kim

Oil and gas equipment

Casing connections

Casing connections (ОКК1, ОКК2, ОКК3) are designed for connections of protective and casing strings, capsulation and pressure control in space between them. …


Wellhead equipment: Sucker-rod wellhead assembly and injection wellhead assembly

Sucker-rod wellhead assembly (ASh) and injection (ANK) tree are designed for wellhead sealing, sealing of borehole pipelines suspension and operating medium flow control …


Steel flanged wedge gate valves with rising stem DN 50/80/100/150/200/250/300 mm, PN 16 kgs/cm2

Valves are used as closure devices at pipelines for transportation of water, air, steam, natural gas, ammonia, oil and oil products, liquid and gaseous carbon and other Medium non-aligned as against material of product major components. …


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Power generating equipment


Rising Stem Wedge Gate Valve ТУ У 28.1-31965106-024:2013

Applied as shutoff device on the pipelines of nuclear power plant systems. Gate valves refer to the elements of safety classes 2 or 3 in accordance with NP 306.2.141. Installation in the systems of safety class 4 is allowed …



Attemperator is designed to reduce steam temperature and presssure in pressure-reducing desuperheating stations of HPP processing lines and is a part of kit of items included in desuperheating stations, PRDS and fast-response PRDS …


Shut-off Valves for Water and Steam ГОСТ Р 53672-2009

Shut-off valves are designed to be installed on power plant (thermal power plants, central heating power plants, hydroelectrical power plants) equipment and pipelines with suitable operating medium and characteristics in order to control operating medium flow …


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