QUALITY POLICY Zavod Kazarmatura LLP

The main business scope of Zavod KazArmatura LLP is production of pipeline valves for energy, oil and gas sectors and gas and oil-field equipment, as well as their further transportation.

The top priority of our company is the quality of the final product, which is manufactured using the time-proved engineering solutions, as well as the latest innovative equipment of foreign origin (Japan, Germany, Korea).

The quality is the key to customer satisfaction and an integral part of the Company’s reputation and prosperity.

The quality directly depends on the experience of highly skilled employees involved in the business who have great experience in the production and operation of oil and gas equipment as well as in the field and energy pipeline valves. This quality policy is being adopted in order to achieve and maintain the Company’s advantage in the market for pipeline valve production for energy, oil and gas sectors and gas and oil-field equipment:

The quality of the products manufactured by Zavod KazArmatura LLP is a full compliance of the needs and expectations of the Buyer.

 We work for responsible facilities and therefore the quality of the products does not depend on the contractual price and must always be extremely high. We consider the quality to be the only reason why the Buyer chooses our Products and remains a regular Buyer.

The adopted policy is to ensure a high level of quality and competitiveness in the pipeline valve production for energy, oil and gas sectors and gas and oil-field equipment on the  basis of:

  • meeting requirements (expectations) of our customers in terms of the quality of the final product;
  • strict compliance with the requirements of legislation, reference and tender documentation, and signed contracts;
  • mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with our Customers and Partners.

According to the adopted policy, the management of Zavod KazArmatura LLP detects main quality objectives and undertakes the following obligations:

  1. Ensure effective operation and improvement of the quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001-2015 requirements.
  2. To perform work stimulation of all the staff aimed at ensuring, managing and improving the quality of the output products.
  3. To provide systematic professional development and the level of professional training of its staff, having understood that highly qualified personnel is a strategic resource of the company.
  4. Steadily develop production potential, expand the list of output products and purchase the required modern machines, plants and equipment.

The management is responsible for the implementation of the adopted policy and quality objectives and encourages all Zavod KazArmatura LLP employees to take an active part in their implementation.



Zavod KazArmatura LLP
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